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What is ezzy?

ezzy is the first global autonomous e-commerce platform for the purchase and sale of goods and services. The platform is based on distributed ledger technology. Moreover, it features automatic learning methods and integrates both an evaluation system and stable tokens tied to highly liquid asset values.

What is our mission?

Our goal is to replace obsolete, centrally managed e-commerce systems and to enable people to engage in lucrative and secure business transactions. We are developing a new generation of ecosystem that belongs to people who can influence it and that, among other things, makes it possible to economize considerably on commissions.

Where are the headquarters of ezzy AG?

The registered office of ezzy AG is located in the Principality of Liechtenstein. The address is:


ezzy AG

Landstrasse 63

P.O. Box 3 01

9490 Vaduz

Principality of Liechtenstein

T: +423 232 10 20

Registration Number: FL-0002.600.541-7

What is blockchain ezzy?

ezzy is a decentralized high-tech platform built on Graphene technology. The software has been written in the well-known programming language C++. It has been released as open source code and uses the Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPOS) as a consensus mechanism.

Why blockchain?

Blockchain was favored in the development of ezzy primarily for its unsurpassed reliability and robust security, enabling it to resist external attacks and deter attempts to compromise the system: these qualities are extremely important in view of the decentralized approach that’s been chosen. Moreover, the technology gives sellers and buyers the greatest possible independence from external factors and controls.

What is the ezzy platform?

he platform is a software program designed to build an autonomous decentralized network including blockchain, to establish an electronic product handling system, and to integrate decentralized and centralized solutions from real economic sectors.

What function does the ezzy platform perform?

The ezzy platform provides the framework for a joint ecosystem and is designed to enable service partners to use its tool sets to build their own trading platforms. Its joint blockchain and decentralized data storage make it easy for users to create new businesses in different fields of activity on a joint infrastructure.

How is the ezzy platform controlled?

The ezzy platform is structured as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The actors themselves control it, specifically in a procedure by which ezzy utility token holders take decisions by casting votes.

Which business applications can the ezzy platform support?

There are many examples spanning an extremely broad range, such as mobile applications and services, trading platforms, online shops, hotel and apartment booking services, auctions, brokerage platforms, OTC markets, etc.

What are service partners and what functions do they handle?

A service partner is a member of the ecosystem that provides end users with user interfaces, support services, and services for interacting with the platform. Through the involvement of service partners, we will be able to expand the entire ecosystem faster. Depending on their specialty, service partners are subdivided into system partners, network partners and business partners.

What are the benefits of a service partner?

Service partners can monetize their services through direct commissions from users by, for example, creating an own trading platform, providing assistance, or actively participating in the partner program.

What is ezzy.store?

Right from platform launch, service partners will offer attractive products and services on ezzy.store. At the same time, they represent examples of building a company on the ezzy platform, which in turn attracts other providers and interested parties, thereby positively impacting the expansion of the entire ecosystem.

What is the utility token ezzy issued for?

The utility token ezzy is a type of secure ezzy currency and an important element of the ecosystem. It has been developed to safeguard and facilitate all types of operations between users of the platform, which makes it an integral part of the ecosystem and a decisive factor of its economy.

What prices and emission volumes does the EZY security token have?

The price for one EZY ranges from EUR 0.20 to 0.25.

For early participants, the security token offering provides price incentives:


≥ 1,250,000 tokens, EUR 0.20 each

≤ 9,000,000 tokens, EUR 0.21 each

≤ 7,000,000 tokens, EUR 0.22 each

≤ 3,000,000 tokens, EUR 0.23 each

≤ 1,000,000 tokens, EUR 0.25 each

What will happen if not all EZY security tokens are sold?

All unsold tokens will be credited to the ezzy AG balance sheet and will serve to gain new investors, thereby further promoting the project.

When can I purchase EZY security tokens?

EZY security tokens can be purchased during the security token offering (STO) phase, which begins on September 1, 2019 and ends when the hard cap of EUR 4,620,000 has been reached.

Which forms of payment are accepted for EZY security tokens?

The EZY security tokens can be purchased by bank transfer in EUR or CHF or in digital currencies for BTC, ETH and BTS.

Can I purchase EZY security tokens by transferring digital currencies from the exchange?

You can send ETH only from your own Ethereum wallet, e.g. MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Parity, Mist, imToken. Other digital currencies such as BTC and BTS can be sent directly from any exchange.

What is the minimum volume of EZY security tokens that can be purchased in a single transaction?

The minimum volume of security tokens that can be purchased in a single transaction corresponds to an equivalent value of at least EUR 1,000. If the buyer violates the minimum order value, the purchase will be refused.

What eligibility conditions must be met to participate in the STO?

After registration, the interested party gains access to their personal account on the website https://ezzy.io. There they must undergo the standardized KYC (Know Your Customer) legitimation procedure. Security tokens can be purchased only after the legitimation procedure has been successfully completed.

What conditions must be met for legitimation?

The EZY security token will not be offered, sold, transferred or otherwise disposed of to individuals or legal entities registered in a country or a region where transactions with digital tokens are prohibited or restricted in any way whatsoever by applicable laws. This relies on the KYC principle.

Where can I see my EZY security token balance?

Security tokens purchased will be automatically credited to your personal account up until the hard cap is reached. The security tokens purchased can be transferred to the established personal Ethereum wallet only after the soft cap has been reached.

According to current plans, when will the EZY security token be listed on the stock exchange?

At present, we have selected several security token exchanges for a possible listing of our security token. Up until completion of our security token offering phase, we will provide regular detailed information concerning the results of ongoing and planned negotiations with the exchanges.

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