Innovative technology


State-of-the-art blockchain technology and consistent decentralization make ezzy the first autonomous global marketplace.

What is ezzy?

ezzy is an innovative e-commerce platform that makes use of the most advanced technologies for secure and profitable access to goods as services. Trust, fairness and collaborative, respectful behavior by all market partners are key values that ezzy promotes and rewards.

ezzy is a powerful online foundation for an extremely wide range of business transactions that is simplified and supported by numerous innovative and intelligent features

It´s mission!

To dispense with the paternalism, manipulation, expensive fees, organized data piracy, and unnecessary invasion of the private sphere that pervade online commerce! It’s high time for a new generation of ecosystem that belongs to all users and treats them fairly!

Platform highlights


Each of the existing platforms is run on a centralized basis by a single operator. Our most important values are freedom and openness. That’s why ezzy has been developed as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) and is available to the community as open source – it’s the only one of its kind!


ezzy has been developed using the state-of-the-art Graphene blockchain technology. Integrating a distributed data storage system (IPFS) enables up to 172,000,000 transactions per day – only some comparable platform is more powerful!

Sharing comony

Community is the key to our effectiveness and versatility! Our high-end technology and joint infrastructure make it possible for every user to engage as an entrepreneur and participate in different fields.


ezzy means unsurpassed user-friendliness, because it promotes the acceptance and pleasure of dealing with a platform. Search, comparison, authentication and payment procedures: Our tools make everything plain and simple!


The core of our platform? The decentralized blockchain, utility tokens, the rating system, the voting procedure, the reserve fund, the payment system, the recommendation program…

Partner program

Our partner program will make ezzy popular in no time. The model calls for flexibly sharing revenue and the cumulative income of a service partner can be up to 75% of the paid sales commissions!


True democracy demands fair voting. ezzy is democratic, because all utility token owners vote directly on key administrative matters and on the further development of the platform!


The safe handling of personal data is the basis of all trust. With ezzy, sensitive data are not stored on a centralized basis; instead, the users themselves retain responsibility for them. That’s how decentralization ensures maximum security!

Environmentally sound

As a consensus algorithm, we rely on a “Delegated Proof of Stake” (DPOS). It’s particularly secure, and very reliable – as well as energy-efficient and environmentally sound.

Business applications

ezzy is the right basis for practically every form of online business! Whether webshop, booking service, OTC service, auction or brokerage platform, and much more: Its attractive environment, valuable tools and professional support make companies successful, pure and simple!

Utility tokens

The ezzy utility token facilitates all types of operations on the platform. It can be used not only as a means of payment, but also as an authorization certificate for activities that can be performed only by a limited group of users, thereby constituting an important element of the ecosystem.

ezzy Alpha

ezzy will revolutionize online commerce, making it faster, cheaper and more interactive. The ezzy design is also modern, appealing, clear and sets great store by best usability. Get to know the look and feel today!
(Please understand that no functions are currently available.)

Service Partnes

System partners

System partners come from an extremely wide range of industries and configure their business on the joint platform infrastructure as marketplaces, internet shops, platforms for e-tickets, sharing services, gaming or lottery portals, etc.

Technical partners

Technical partners expand ezzy’s scope of services – by offering new functionalities or features on the ecosystem, for example, or helping sales representatives set up individual webshops, etc.

Affiliate partners

Affiliate partners create and offer new services according to the evolving requirements of the users in all areas of the project ecosystem.

Business partners

Business partners can be banks, insurance companies, logistics firms, etc. The provide access to their existing offerings and services via the platform, thereby ensuring the smooth and convenient flow of communication and business processes.

EZZY Store highlights


On an extremely powerful technical infrastructure, ezzy is creating the most customer-friendly and user-friendly marketplace ever developed for the online sale of all goods and services the world over – one that even takes specific regional conditions into account (e.g. trade prohibitions for certain products).

Market potential

As the most popular type of online business, the importance of global e-commerce is growing dramatically: Current estimates project that during the 4-year period from 2017 through 2021, its volume will have increased from 2.3 billion to about 4.9 billion US dollars! ezzy sees exceptional opportunity in buyers’ expectations of online transactions, where “security” and “trust” rank near the top just behind “attractive prices”.

Paying with digital currencies and fiat money

There are many reasons why “digital currencies” are the smartest means of payment for a large number of applications. They are tied to the exchange rates of major currencies, which makes them safe and convenient. Moreover, ezzy users also have the option to pay for goods and services with fiat money, digital currencies and other tokens.

Budget distribution

ezzy AG will use its revenues to develop all of the platform’s planned functions, to establish the brand worldwide, and to build up a functioning and successful business model in e-commerce. It focuses on an efficient and future-oriented investment structure exclusively aimed at achieving one long-term objective: to become Number 1 in the world!

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